We are looking for the star of our next film i know why the bright eye dies!

About The Project:

This is a short dance film choreographed, directed and produced by Caroline Liviakis. The cinematographer is Aakash Raj. The film is just under 7 minutes. It will feature a soloist dancer for the entire duration. The plan as of now is to have the film play worldwide across the film festival circuit for two years and then be distributed online. The style is ‘contemporary ballet’, but there are many stylistic elements which are Liviakis’ own unique style and don’t fall under this classification. It would be danced barefoot.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Female
  • Trim, toned physique.
  • Long legs
  • Stunning face with big, beautiful eyes
  • Should be able to fully communicate through movement and the use of facial expressions, the theatrical motivations behind the character. The character portrayal is equally important to the technique of the piece.
  • Has extremely strong, precise technique particularly in Ballet and Contemporary.
  • Needs extremely flexible shoulders, and hips and needs to be able to balance on the left foot for approx. 1 minute straight while performing various spins etc.
  • Needs to have a high level of endurance. The piece can be very challenging and demands a lot of energy. Needs to be able to perform at this high level for an entire film shoot.
  • Is open and eager to adapt style, performance, and technique to fit the choreographer’s vision, even if those go against traditional ballet conventions (ie. sickled feet, internally rotated shoulders, quirky neck movements, and adding hip movements).
  • Is a hard worker and is willing to take the time needed to practice movement sequences and individual movements over and over again until it is right. Takes pride in her performance and wants to work to make it the best it possibly can be.
  • Has a flexible schedule and time to dedicate to the project. Is understanding of the fact that scheduling a film shoot at this time with the shutdowns is difficult and is a ‘let’s make this work’ kind of person, doing her absolute best to accommodate for a successful outcome.
  • Ideally has some experience dancing with the camera, though this is not a requirement.

Compensation and Expenses:

  • Nonunion only.
  • A flat rate stipend of $1,000.00 US dollars will be paid at the completion of the final day of the film shoot.
  • If the dancer who is selected is not local to the shoot/rehearsal location, then travel and living accommodations will be provided.
  • Food will be provided for both film shoot days.

Rehearsals and Filming Dates:

As you can probably imagine, fully scheduling rehearsals and a film shoot in the current shut-down state is pretty difficult, but we aren’t letting that stop us from starting this project! It just means unfortunately we can’t be quite as specific as we’d like to be in terms of the exact scheduling. Here is what our plans are so far:

  • 2-day film shoot. The goal is to film in Los Angeles in early October.
  • There is no set number of rehearsals, it would be the amount needed to fully learn the piece and prepare for a sucessful shoot
  • There are two options for rehearsals, the one that makes the most sense will be decided upon casting if the dancer cast does not live near San Francisco or Los Angeles. Either Caroline, the director, will travel to the town where the dancer lives and we’ll hold rehearsals there, or we’ll fly the dancer here to hold rehearsal. Rehearsals therefore would be compact into a short duration of time. Learning the choreography would need to occur over video to prepare for these in-person technique and performance-driven rehearsals. If you’re local however, we’ll just find a common schedule and studio and begin rehearsing no problem!

What To Send For Your Audition:

This audition is being held entirely online. These are the materials required for consideration in this initial casting search.

  • Headshot
  • Dancer Shot/Body Shot
  • Audition Video (a video of you performing the choreography as taught in the video below to the music linked below. Please include an unlisted YouTube link to you dancing the material to the best of your ability.
  • A list of your availability to rehearse and shoot during the next 3 months. Please be as specific as possible. Things that would be particularly helpful to know are: what days do you have completely open? What days do you have a large chunk of time consistently free? How flexible is your schedule, particularly for traveling for a shoot and possibly for rehearsals

Optional items to send:
-dance reel
-cover letter

Callbacks over Skype will be arranged individually with the director and a select group of dancers.

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We are casting the lead male dancer role for Caroline Liviakis’ next short dance film “Boys and Girls”. The film,  just over 5 minutes in length, features a dueling duet. The choreography is a mixture of Jazz, Modern, and various ballroom styles. The film will premiere through the film festival circuit beginning in Fall 2021.

Synopsis: A man and woman: cocky, cool, and uncompromising, engage in a seductive game of emotional warfare to fulfill their insatiable desire for power and control. In a manic display of vanity, self-indulgence, and obliviousness, they dance in a stylized rage to show how powerful, cunning, and capable they are: that they are the one on top. Their uncontrolled movement throws them into each other’s arms, forcing them to realize that indeed, they do need each other; that ceasing the perpetual fight gives them a chance at happiness and to discover who they truly are.

Audition Information: Submit the following to for an initial audition (use “Boys and Girls Audition Submission–(your name)” for the subject line.)


-Body/Dancer’s shot

-Dancers reel, or very clear sample of you dancing a combination of the following styles: jazz, modern, hip hop, ballroom. Show your strongest, most ferocious, and theatrical dancing. We are looking for a very strong, bold dancer who is able to convey a strong character as well as technical precision.

-Rehearsal/filming availability for the month of April.

In-person callbacks will be held in Los Angeles to finalize the casting decision (date TBD).

Submit ASAP. We are hoping to cast this part in the next 1.5 weeks.

Role Description: Male, age 21-36, extremely athletic, 5’7”- 6’0”. He’s cocky, classically handsome, sensual, and extremely charismatic. He’s a force to be reckoned with. His dancing oscillates between an explosive charge ahead and playfully mischievous games. We are ideally looking for someone who looks like the male version of the already cast female dancer (she’s also the choreographer and director), Caroline Liviakis. But, regardless, we would like to see submissions from anyone who can dance the part strongly as that is the most important factor.

Rehearsal/Filming/Contract Information: Rehearsals and Filming will take place in Los Angeles.

There will be 2 full filming days (the projected filming dates are April 24 and 25th) There will be five, 3-hr rehearsals set according to the availability of the director and dancer.

The dancer will be paid a flat rate of $1,000.00 (one thousand) U.S. dollars at the completion of the second shooting date.

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